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WLGA responds to Welsh Government’s bus reform roadmap 

Cllr Andrew Morgan OBE, WLGA’s Leader and Spokesperson of Transport said: “On behalf of WLGA, I welcome the objectives set out in the pathway. The pathway reflects a partnership approach between Welsh Government, Transport for Wales, local... read more

Tata Steel job losses a local and national "body blow" 

Serious concerns have been expressed by council leaders about today’s announcement from Tata Steel. In a WLGA Executive Board meeting, comprised of all 22 councils in Wales, council leaders spoke about their concern for the “devastating” news for ... read more

WLGA Response to UK Government’s Announcement on Levelling Up Fund 

Cllr Andrew Morgan OBE, Leader of the WLGA, said: “WLGA welcomes the announcement of £111m coming into Wales for seven Levelling-up projects. The extension of the timescale for completion of projects to March 2026 is also a positive step,... read more

WLGA Response to the Prime Minister’s Announcement on HS2 

Reacting to today’s announcement by the Prime Minister, Cllr Andrew Morgan OBE, WLGA Leader said: “Now it has been confirmed that the plans for the northern leg of HS2 to Manchester will not being going ahead, we expect the UK Government’s... read more

Clarity and support urgently needed: WLGA response to today’s TATA news 

Cllr Anthony Hunt, WLGA Finance and Resources Spokesperson said: “Investment is welcome, but local government in Wales is extremely concerned to hear about the impact on jobs of the news today about TATA. “Any job losses on this... read more

WLGA warns of looming “perfect winter storm”  

The WLGA has today responded to the news that Ofgem is to raise the energy price cap again from £1,971 to £3,549. Councillor Rob Stewart (Swansea), WLGA Deputy Leader and Economy Spokesperson said “To put this in perspective, the rise is ... read more

Immediate action needed to combat surging costs of living 

In the face of spiralling costs of living and energy bills, the WLGA is calling for the UK Government to take action. Councillor Anthony Hunt (Torfaen), WLGA Finance Spokesperson said: “Councils are doing their utmost to support local... read more

​WLGA unveils seven key asks to reinvigorate rural communities 

A bold vision for Wales’ rural communities has been launched today by the WLGA, ahead of this year’s Senedd election and a new Welsh Government. WLGA’s Rural Forum, comprised of Wales’ nine rural authorities, has outlined its seven key asks of... read more

​Council leaders call for urgent “safety net” of replacement EU funds and standards in rural communities 

Leaders of Wales’ rural council areas have called on the UK government to urgently set out coherent plans for trade, funding and replacement legislation to come into force when the current transition period ends. Existing arrangements will need... read more

Council leaders in Wales call on UK and Welsh governments to “move heaven and earth” to help communities affected by heavy job losses in the north east 

Leaders of the 22 councils in Wales have called on Welsh and UK governments to work together on a two-government support package to come to the aid of those affected by devastating job losses in Flintshire. Airbus have announced that 1,727 jobs... read more

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