WLGA Members Allowances Scheme

The Constitution of the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) states that the WLGA may establish a Members Allowances Scheme for payments to WLGA Office Holders. 


The members’ allowances for 2023-24 are:


  • Presiding Officer - £9,375 
  • Deputy Presiding Officer (majority group) - £3,125
  • Leader - £12,500
  • Deputy Leader/s - £9,375
  • Group Leader Independent - £5,000
  • Group Leader Plaid Cymru - £5,000
  • Education Spokesperson - £5,000
  • Economy Spokesperson - £5,000
  • Social Services Spokesperson - £5,000



The Scheme is voluntary and members can choose whether or not to draw down their allowance. The Members’ Allowances Scheme is reviewed on an annual basis by the Audit Committee. The WLGA Allowances Scheme is not within the remit of the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales.


LGA Allowances Scheme

WLGA Council members and other Welsh local authority members may also be appointed by the WLGA to represent Welsh local government on Local Government Association boards, committees or senior offices. Some of these appointments may be entitled to an LGA Allowance, including: LGA Executive Advisory Board (WLGA Representative) £3,090.   


Members appointed to ‘Employer Side’ bodies by the LGA or WLGA will receive a day rate of £348, based on the number of meetings attended. Furthermore, the WLGA and/or other Welsh local authority members may be appointed to other LGA Boards (and may be entitled to receive allowances), however, these members are appointed as representatives of the LGA Political Groups and not on behalf of the WLGA.


For more information contact: Lee Pitt


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