Local Authority Sustainable Procurement Toolkit


Local Authority Sustainable Procurement Toolkit


This Toolkit is developed to support local authorities with embedding decarbonisation and sustainability into procurement at all levels. 


Drawn from a range of international good practice, the Toolkit provides guidance and sample specification criteria for use in tenders of all values. It is designed to be flexible and editable in response to evolving guidance and legislation around sustainable procurement and procurement decarbonisation. It is a resource for all officers involved in procurement exercises – not just procurement professionals.

‘Supporting Local Authorities with the decarbonisation of emissions from procured goods and services’ Report


The report outlines a series of high-level conclusions and recommendations for short- and longer-term action from the Welsh Government, the WLGA, and Local Authorities to drive forward decarbonisation through procurement. These will be reviewed and progressed as part of the TaRSPs work and we look forward to using this report and its recommendations to do so.

Brief Guidance on producing a Carbon Reduction Plan


To support SMEs/companies with producing a Carbon Reduction Plan we have produced a short piece of guidance that includes links to training, templates, and guidance on producing a plan and calculating their carbon footprint from their activities.



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